Goalkeeping Coaching Hints 2013-02-26 16:35:00

Goalkeeping Coaching Hints

•· One of the most important positions on any team is the goalkeeper yet little or no time is given to this specialised position at training sessions. All teams should have two goalkeepers coached and one of the mentors should give 15 minutes coaching devoted to the goalkeepers at each session.


•· Drills designed to work the goalkeeper, backs and forwards, Kick outs, Keepers to be encouraged to be vocal and to talk the six defenders, as the goalkeeper has a panoramic view of the game, some defenders are ball watchers and the keepers job is to warn the defence of the dangers of forwards drifting in behind them.


•· The keeper should keep the defence on their toes at all times. If the defence does its job it makes the keepers job easier. The keepers job is to ensure corner and wing backs stay goal side of the forwards.


•· Kick outs & Puck outs are vital to the success of any team and these have to be worked on at all sessions. Signals should be known by the entire panel.


•· If a goalkeeper saves a shot on his left post he should clear on the same side and not cross his goal area with the football or sliotar, the same applies if he saves on his right side clearance should be to the right side and not cross the goal area to clear.


•· The club has two reflex boards which are ideal for coaching goalkeepers (Football) and should be used at training sessions. Kick outs / Puck outs need to be varied during games if centerfielders are not winning their own kick outs / puck outs the keeper needs to vary his kick outs / puck outs i.e go short to corner backs or wing backs and work the ball up the pitch.


•· The onus is on the mentors/coaches to make sure that both goalkeepers are coached at all sessions and all the players understand the signals for kick outs.


•· From under 13 to Minor all teams should play to a system that suits each team, which should be worked on flip charts and in training session and challenge /condition games before being used in league and championship games.



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