Under 8 Mid Season Review 2013-07-16 20:18:00

On Saturday June 29th, the Naomh Barrog U8 Boys played their last match before the summer holidays. As usual for a home game, we met in the Barrog dressing rooms, got ourselves set and took to the pitch for an 11.30 throw-in. And then every last one of them played their hearts out – we won some, we drew some and we lost some, but the lads showed great skill, gave their all and had great fun and that’s the way it has been every Saturday back as far as 23rd Feb when we first took the pitch against O’Tooles.

Afterwards, we had a little celebration – bodhrans were taken out and a procession proceeded into the juvenile room. Planning was evident here as the medals and treats were laid out on the pitch outside – but we thought on our feet and with the help of parents we got the treats to the boys!

Great appetites on these lads – between 25 of them, they polished off over 30 bags of crisps, 28 drinks and an absolute mountain of chocolate and chewy sweets. Not to mention the fruit that Ciaran Kenny provided. No wonder they’re all growing up so big and strong.

Each boy was presented with a medal and a personalised certificate with his name and what his best attributes are.

The boys have done very well in terms of results – winning well over half their matches and losing less than a quarter. This is one measure of how well we are doing, but it’s not the only one.

Each and every single player has improved significantly which is always great to see. Their skills are improving, but also their ability to demonstrate them on the pitch under pressure.

In both huring and football we have faced a few challenges – bad weather in February and March and even June! Communions during May decimated our attendances, along with some of our opposition. We are learning how to deal with “hard hurling” and “physical football” and learning how to get stuck in without crossing that line. Discipline has been mainly very good both at training and at matches.

Highlights of the year were the first hurling match – always great to get off to a good start, particularly against as big a club as O’Tooles. With the weather so bad, we had faced numerous cancellations so it was great to get going – even in such bitterly cold conditions. Top quality skills on show that day.

The football matches against Sylvester’s stands out as a day where it all came together – we outfought them, outplayed them and played some lovely football – a great demonstration of catching, passing, kicking, tackling and  goalkeeping.

Like a good Oscar speech, this note wouldn’t be right without many thanks to the people who make it happen.

Thanks again to all the mammies, daddies and other responsible grownups who bring the boys along on time and ready for action. And for all the help provided during the year – we do notice it. Helping to put out cones, helping carry stuff, finding us with the 2 euro. All those little things make a huge difference.

Thanks to all the boys who washed the gear (even if we secretly suspect that it was actually the parents who washed it!) – Kyle Fowler, Ben, Dylan, Keith, Aodan, Cillian, Oisin, Cian Kelly, Sean Mac, Sean Scannell, Clayton, Darragh, Daniel, Tomas, Rika. Don’t worry – the rest of you will get your chance in September!!!

Attendance at training has been great – particular credit has to go to those who were in attendance at more than two thirds of the sessions – Clayton, Aodan, Oisin, Darragh, Tomas, Tom, Sean Scannel, Cillian, Dylan, Conal, Sean Mac, Guilherme, Keith, Finn MacMarcus, Daniel and Alex. Early evening Friday and Monday can be difficult for people but we regularly have 22-24 lads out of 30 down. Well done all!

Thanks to all the parents for letting us know when you can’t make it – it really makes a big difference for us to know in advance who’s going to be there and we can plan ahead. The odd time someone forgets means we have to keep counting heads in the dressing room, switching fellas from one team to another trying to balance everything out – difficult when we have twenty plus boys hopping about raring to go!

The boys now nearly all have their own hurls, helmets, gumshields, socks, shorts and boots. Please make sure not to get too big a hurl – it’s impossible to swing it properly. The hurl should only go to the hip – not halfway up the ribs!

To the mentors – thanks for all the great work during training and matches. Discipline has been good, the drills have worked and we have a variety of inputs and ideas. For the Go Games, we split into 3 teams, coached by Robbie Prior, Mick McCabe, Eoin Cleary, Fergal Scannell and Glen McMahon. Each team has played a few games under a different coach – so they are all learning different things as they progress through.

And to Dick Fields and Martin Nolan for all the guidance and support over the last few years from mini leagues up.

We will be in touch about training in mid August – see you then. But don’t neglect to practice your skills yourself. Take out that hurl and the ball and practice kicking, catching, soloing, striking. Use your left and right for all the skills. And most important, check with mammy or daddy where you are allowed practice!

Tús maith leath na hoibre, A good start is half the battle.

Squad List:

Conal Mc Eniff, Ben  Cahill,  Dylan Duggan, Cillian Cleary, Darragh Prior, Tomás Ó Coileáin, Finn Mac Marcus, Adam Geraghty, Cian Kelly, Tom Durack, Patrick Gallagher, Daniel Sheridan, Aodán Ó Donnchú, Kyle Murphy, Cathal Rogers, Eoin Kiernan, Keith Kearns, Guilherme Coliados, Oisín Ó Fainín, Rika Faherty, Seán MacCába, David Regan, Finn McDonald, Robert Dunne, Clayton McMahon, Alex Stewart, Seán Scannell, Leo Fogarty, Evan Carroll, Kyle Fowler, Max Payne, Luke Mc Mahon





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