Under 8 Boys - September 2013 2013-09-25 11:57:00

Training started back in mid-August and numbers have been excellent on both Monday and Friday - we are getting 25+ boys down training most days. The enthusiasm has continued and the boys are always keen to get stuck into both hurling and football. We are starting to work on all the new skills to be ready for new rules in under 9's.


We have welcomed back some familiar faces after the summer but also had some new faces arrive to the club. We have also brought in some boys who were training with Aidan and passed one onto Cathal.


Thanks again to all the parents for your support - making sure the boys have the correct equipment, bringing them down on time and even acting as Florence Nightingale for an injury or two!

Thanks also to Kyle Murphy, Cathal Rogers, Evan Carroll and Finn MacMarcus for washing the gear.

Well done to all the boys who returned forms and money for the "Guess the Score" competition - a very important fundraiser for the club.


We have played two hurling matches (Oliver Plunkett's and Parnells/Whitehall Blitz) and two football matches (St Vincent's and Pat's Donabate) since the resumption. We have been very pleased as coaches with the skills levels we have seen, the attitude the boys have displayed and the sense of discipline. However, most of all, it is the improvement that we are seeing across the entire group that really excites us. One score last weekend involved five passes all the way up the pitch before the ball was popped over the bar. Well done! Boys are starting to look up and choose the correct option and starting to understand their positions on the pitch.


We have set up a weekly All Star Award which is presented to boys who have impressed during the week - this can be for someone who has a great attitude or who has shown great skills. It is one of the most difficult things for us to do as coaches - we could normally give an award to all the boys each week. We have seen some absolutely excellent performances which have not yet received an award, but the coaches have taken note and will remember these for future awards! Please remember to bring back the awards after the week so that someone else can get their turn!!!


To date, the following awards have been given out. We anticipate many more!!!!


Evan Carroll - great defensive performance v Vincents. Getting out in front and clearing the ball and doing the right thing.

Patrick Gallagher - excellent attacking. Using the head in front of goal and tapping it over for 3 rather than under the bar for 1

Adam Geraghty - great defensive performance during hurling blitz and improvement every week. Good luck with the under 9's Adam

Finn McDonald - great passing in football, looking up and spotting the run rather than aimless shooting at goal

Keith Kearns - a fine triple save - wonderful goalkeeping.

Liam O Maonaigh - last gasp goalkeeping to keep the ball out and gain back possession under huge pressure in closing minutes

Conal McEniff - scoring direct from a sideline cut - a wonderful hurling skill

Max Payne - scoring a goal on his first game back, despite getting a knock two minutes before

Ben Ryan - a great debut in goal

Clayton McMahon - excellent in goal, defence and in attack. Doing his best whatever position he is asked to play.

Finn MacMarcus - superb diving save out in donabate.


Well done to all!


Training continues on Mondays at 5.45 and Fridays at 6pm.



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